30. Dammu will be a treat for fans and the audience who likes mass movies,  it also has sentiment to offer for family audience.

29. Climax fight is bit different..fight with dialogues [not just fight]

28.  Dhammu pattukunna kathi lo vundadu ra raktham lo vundali..

27. Symbol kaadu ra system break avvali..dialogue.

26. Climax fight is lengthy…

25. Twist.. about whose son is NTR.

24. Bratakandi bratakandi ante vinaledu kadara dialogue..

24. Burada fight [Trailer fight] started after Venu was killed.

23. Venu was killed..

22. Raja vasi reddy is the first song in seconf half..Vasthu bagunde song just started.

21. “naa kantitho choosina chaavu ,pandi balisthe, Sound thagginchoo..dialogues are good.

22. So far movie is good with good comedy and two highlights.

21. Interval.

20. NTR’s dialogue  ” intha varaku ee chey avasaram kosam vaadanu Aashayam kosam vadithe ela vuntundooo telusaaa….”

19. NTR goes to the villian’s house on “guurapubandi” ..this scene will be a treat for fans.

18. Dammu Dammu song started ..

17. NTR is trying for Trisha. Karthika is trying for NTR.

16. Karthika entry.

15. Dialogue about NTR’s family.. “aaa vamsam lo vallaki raktamlo  potekkuva prati chukka potettutundi”

14.  Ruler song started…excellent visuals.  NTR looks great in Gladiator costumes and in Prince getup. It’s a visual treat.

13. NTR goes back to village.

12. Venu entry..

11. Brahmi entry with good comedy.

10. So far movie is running well with lighter comedy, NTR mannerisms.

9. NTR’s dialogue ..”Choodataniki gaali vadila vunta kaani manchodini”

8. First song Oo lilli bura buggala bulli is good.

7. NTR is trying for Trisha..

6. Trishna entrance..

5. First fight is over..good fight.

4. NTR’s entry [whole theater roars !!]

3. Flash back episode is over. Story begins..after 25 years..!!

2. Flash back episode is about two families.

1. Flash back episode going in black and white mode.

– Titles started..

– Show will begin in about 5 minutes.

We are trying to bring in live updates from very first premiere show. Have fun.