Media in today’s world is a powerful tool. With people realizing its power and influence on the common man, it isn’t what it used to be a decade ago. Today media is a propaganda tool that is used to feed a perception into people mind or create an image for oneself. Naturally then we see powerful individuals having their own media outlets which has basically used to reply and redirect the negativity intended at the individual.

Film stars are part of such powerful individuals apart from politicians and therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise when some use this medium to foster an image among the public. It can however be used in the wrong way to malign as well and this is where our stars like Jr NTR and Ram Charan are feeling the brunt of the media. Both these actors have been specifically targeted by a certain media outlets through some image damaging programmes. Fans of the star would easily remember those incidents we guess.

Now it is believed that the stars are soon going to see themselves attached with media outlets. We already know that Jr NTR has a channel backing him owned by his father in law and if the reports are to be believed a new channel is soon going to be started from the same branch. Similarly there have been reports from a long time that Chiranjeevi will be floating a new news channel named Thulasi along with an entertainment channel. When we look at some of those programmes aired on certain channels, they are so scathing and unforgiving in their attack, can these channels help the actors in any way especially in the damage control and restoration of the image? Or you think people are too smart to not see through all this?