Dallas Kammas Distributing Pushpa Free Tickets?Stylish Star Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa US Bookings are on fire. Despite having problems due to Spiderman No Way Home, the tickets are selling like hot cakes wherever bookings are opened.

Meanwhile, Dallas, the major area of Telugu Cinema trade in the US that usually contributes 25-30% of revenues has all shows either soldout or Fast-Filling.

The U.S. distributor is trying to add additional shows.

Dallas has been in news in recent times after a vileful campaign saying that Kamma Community which is dominant here has resorted to Group Bookings of Akhanda tickets and distributing them for free.

The campaign even said Dallas contributes to 50% of Akhanda collections.

That is not true and it is only 26% which is like every other Telugu biggie.

Keeping that aside, going by that campaign, Pushpa Dallas Bookings means Kammas have become Allu Arjun fans all of sudden and are resorting to Group Bookings and free distribution of tickets.