Dallas Kamma Folks Behind Acharya Sales?Acharya is a film that is being closely watched by the trade as to how it will fare at the box office.

When it comes to the advance bookings in U.S. the fact is that just Dallas city is accounting for over $100,000 of the advance sales which means a significant percentage of pre-sales are coming from Dallas.

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There is a crazy growth for Telugu films in this city over the past two years. Recently Akhanda also pulled big numbers here. The YCP pro media totally underestimated Balayya’s Akhanda and started the propaganda that Kamma community is buying tickets to boost sales for Balayya’s movie.

But things got exposed with the success as the movie became a blockbuster everywhere.

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With Pushpa, the same happened again as Dallas stood top in pre-sales even though Allu Arjun doesn’t belong to this community.

The same is happening for Acharya area-wise pre-sales as Dallas is leading once again. So, in a way R.I.P. to all these caste-based cooked-up stories when it comes to films, it’s proven multiple times recently.

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Adding to it, the sad part is that even educated folks who support a political party believe it even in 2022!!