Producer-Daggubati-Suresh-BabuSuresh Babu is one of the senior most and influential personalities in Telugu cinema. But for some reason, he has gone missing from the media’s site for a while now.

Previously, Suresh Babu refuted the rumors that the government of Andhra Pradesh is coming after Ramanaidu Studios lands in Vizag. This was during Narappa promotions. And incidentally that was one of the last times he appeared in front of media.

Suresh Babu, being a senior producer and distributor wasn’t even involved with the Tollywood delegation that spoke with AP government regarding the ticket prices. He isn’t even taking part in Tollywood Guild meetings or any other internal activities.

What’s stranger is that Suresh isn’t stepping out to promote even his own films. Recently, Saakini Daakini, a film coproduced by Suresh released in theaters and there was a round of promotions preceding the same. But Sureh Babu didn’t take part in it. The same is the case with his upcoming release, Dongalunnaru Jagratha as well.

The fact that Suresh Babu has gone missing completely has led to a debate in the Telugu circles. Wonder what might be the reason behind his complete disappearance.