Daggubati Fans Feeling CheatedVictory Venkatesh tried to capture the Hindi market with the remake of Chanti in the 90s and the film, Anari, was a huge hit. But he couldn’t continue the momentum as his next film, Taqdeerwala, a remake of Yamaleela flopped big time. Since then he has stayed away from Bollywood.

Now he is collaborating with Salman Khan for the remake of the Tamil film Veeram (which was remade as Katamarayudu in Telugu). The film is titled Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. Pooja Hegde plays the female lead. And Venky is playing the role of her brother.

Well, Daggubati fans aren’t too happy with this collaboration. They are ranting that when the south movies are creating so much impact on a national level, what was the need for Venkatesh to go and do a side hero role in a Salman Khan film? Salman himself is doing sidekick roles in films like GodFather.

Many Daggubati fans are saying that a cringe comedy film like F3 also goes on to collect a 60-crore share. So Venkatesh should concentrate on doing Telugu films with solid content and then dub them into Hindi to capture the Bollywood market like Pushpa and Karthikeya 2, instead of doing such tasteless Bollywood films.

They are feeling cheated by their idol for not taking his stardom seriously and doing either remake films like Drishyam 2 and Naarappa, or films like Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan which even Salman fans are not excited about.