omkar brothers and daggubati brothers dont drink and smokeFilm industry is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous industry and common people have certain opinions on people who work here. All these opinions may not hold good always. Young hero Ashwin said the same thing in a recent interview for a question why Omkar brothers don’t drink and smoke.

He says there are people like Omkar brothers in the film industry, who don’t drink, smoke or flirt with girls. He takes the example of Daggubati brothers, Venkatesh and Suresh who are known as teetotallers, who don’t drink or smoke. Even Ashwin and Omkar brothers said the same to Daggubati brothers, that they are like the feathers of the same cap.

Ashwin says that there is already bad opinion on actors and many of them aren’t getting even brides because people are afraid of the bad name and the glamour in the industry.