D for Dopidi is perfect launch Pad - Siraj Kalla

Having grown up on films of Ram Gopal Varma and Mani Ratnam, debutant filmmaker Siraj Kalla of ‘D for Dopidi’ fame is excited that he couldn’t have asked for a better launch pad after actor Nani and producer Dil Raju got associated with the project. He is confident that with their association the film’s stakes have certainly gone high.

Siraj credits his short-filmmaking days in the US for his break as a director. He said it was during his stint as short film director that he had met filmmakers Raj and Krishna while they were working on their debut film 99. He said that he had assisted the duo during the filming of Shor in the City, and that it helped him a lot to understand the craft better.

He said D for Dopidi is inspired by films such as several Telugu crime-thriller such as Govinda Govinda and Kshana Kshanam. He said he is a big follower of Ram Gopal Varma, and that his films have had great impact on him. He added that his working style would reflect Varma’s style in a way.