Cutting-Heads-Like-Coconuts---Heavy-Trolls-on-Vinaya-Vidheya-RamaBalayya’s mass entertainers had heavy duty scenes filled with over the top action sequences where a mass hero is shown as invincible and can literally kill hundreds of goons, quite illogically. He gets trolled heavily for those illogical sequences. This time, social media started trolling Ram Charan’s movie heavily.

Ram Charan cutting heads of the goons like coconuts followed by eagles catching those flying heads, hero jumping on a running train and traveling hundreds of kilometers with lightning speed and a few more scenes from the movie have become hotcakes to sell on social media. We don’t expect any logic in Boyapati’s movie. However, can anyone even imagine that a deadly poisonous snake that bites the villain dies, not the villain? OMG!

Social media got the scent of the meat in ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama‘ and the ruthless trolling is enough to say that Boyapati Sreenu has delivered something that would feed the trolls for many days to come. It’s not one scene, several scenes in Ram Charan’s movie have come out in detail on social media shocking the audiences who didn’t watch the movie yet. The action scenes are seen as comic moments and the illogical scenes are seen as disgusting feats. Boyapati! Why did you do this?