Tollywood USA theaters maket corona second waveThere has been a lot of discussion about when the theaters of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will open. The industry is looking at July last week’s opening at this moment and at the same time, there are apprehensions about the COVID second wave. But things are drastically different in the United States.

Thanks to the aggressive vaccination, the COVID cases are on a decline in the US. Indian community in the US is the most cautious class in the middle of the pandemic. They used to follow the COVID safety measures religiously and now they are almost vaccinated.

Having being indoors for more than a year, they have just started coming out and going on vacations. They are craving entertainment and are looking forward to the film releases. An entertainment-based star film at this time would do wonders at the US box office but unfortunately, there is no such release round the corner.

Going through the line-up of the near future, Nani’s Tuck Jagadish and Naga Chaitanya‘s Love Story may enjoy this benefit. They are going to be the first beneficiaries at the US Box office if they start off with decent talk and reviews.