Curious Case Of TFI’s Biggest MultistarrersRRR and Acharya are two of the biggest multistarrers in Telugu cinema in a long time. The former brings together stars from generation, Jr NTR and Ram Charan, whereas the latter has the father-son duo, Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. The directors of these projects are also the biggest names, SS Rajamouli and Koratala Siva. It is why they were instantly at the top of the highly anticipated list when announced. However, the way things have progressed related to these two movies has left fans flabbergasted.

RRR and Acharya are in the final stages of completion. Among the two, RRR has additionally confirmed its release date. Acharya, on the other hand, has not made any announcement. It is here that fans and trade are confused with the two.

RRR is going ahead with its October 13 release date. The promotions have commenced. However, considering the pandemic situation and pan-India release, it needs to have, the chances are very likely for its postponement. It wouldn’t have happened if RRR was a single language movie.

That team RRR is not looking at any alternative date now, and others have booked favourable other holidays slots, leaving fans both confused and frustrated. If RRR gets postponed at that last minute, should it take up the place of already announced biggies? It wouldn’t be that right.

Similarly, Acharya is making fans frustrated without any announcement. It is leading to many rumours online. The release dates are ranging from October 8th and 13th to January 7th and 12th 2022. If it’s the former dates, it means arriving a week before RRR or taking its place if it gets postponed. If it’s the latter set, it means coming a week before Sankranthi releases or clashing with PSPKRana. None of the scenarios is favourable.

Looking at all the happening, everyone is left scratching their heads. No one would have expected TFI’s biggest multistarrers to be in this situation when they were announced. Already hints are being given at another round of dates shuffle among the announced ones. Let’s see how things pan out in the coming days and weeks.