Vakeel Saab - Fights- Pawan KalyanGoing by the promo material released so far, there is a discussion going about the fights in Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie ‘Vakeel Saab’. According to the speculations, there would be four fights namely the intro fight, the interval fight apart from the Metro Station fight and the Restroom fight in the second half.

Vakeel Saab‘ is the Telugu remake of a women-centric Bollywood movie ‘Pink’ that deals with a very sensitive issue about the consent of a woman regarding any type of advances from the opposite sex. There is a curiosity regarding the remake because the hero of the remake is a superstar who has a huge mass fan following.

So, to please his fans, there would be some hero elevation scenes like the above-mentioned fights in the discussion on social media. How did the makers blend these fights without disturbing or compromising on the core plot of the movie putting the focus more on the male lead who would carry the entire movie on his shoulders which wasn’t the case with the original?

Concept-based movies are tricky when a big hero is involved because he needs to maintain his stardom but shouldn’t do injustice to the concept that’s the heart of the entire movie. Let’s wait and see how many tweaks went into the making of the ‘Vakeel Saab’ story.