Shyam Singha Roy USA CollectionNani breathed a sigh of relief as his new film, Shyam Singha Roy opened to some decent reviews in both the Telugu states and in the US.

The film has made $133K from the premieres and $129K on Friday. With this, the film has made a total of $262 K which is quite okay in the U.S.

The first weekend will be crucial and Saturday’s collections, in particular, are going to be quite a key.

The film needs to make 950K to break even and there is a lot of curiosity built up as to how the film will fare on the first Saturday of its release.

Will the high ratings given by some portals translate to word of mouth has to be seen?

Back in the Telugu states, the film is holding well in the A centers and is dull in Ap thanks to the low price issues.