18 Pages ClimaxPalnati Surya Pratap delivered a superhit with Kumari 21 F. Now he is coming back after seven years with 18 Pages again written by Sukumar.

In the past few days, after the promotions kicked in, the film has garnered some hype among the audience. Especially, hero Nikhil and director Surya Pratap have been raving about the ‘daring’ climax of the film.

Kumari 21 F received shocking response from audiences for its different climax ends on a rape. This time also director says that the climax of 18 pages will not be a sad ending, but it will be remembered for a long time.

Hero Nikhil, while speaking exclusively to Mirchi9, said that after watching the movie, the audience would definitely appreciate him for choosing such a daring film.

It’s been seven years since Kumari 21 F was released, and a lot has changed. Due to the OTT boom, the audience is exposed to world cinema now. So they are more mature and receptive to different and shocking endings.

So if the climax of 18 Pages really turns out to be daring and different, it might turn out to be its USP.