Ai teaser leak culprit photo

Shankar’s magnam opus ‘Ai’ teaser has been leaked online creating trouble for the makers. Makers of the film have arranged a private trailer screeing for the select media folks and it is believed that some one shot the teaser with a mobile phone and uploaded it on web since the teaser has very poor quality.

Producer of the film Aascar Ravichandran responded on the leak issue and said his team found the person who leaked it on web and they have filed a complaint. Surpringly enough, producer said the person who put it up online challenged them to take action. Vasan, the person who has leaked the teaser, has also put up his profile online, with a line saying, ‘I have leaked the teaser, what can you do about it?” It seems he got in to his office at night and copied the teaser.

But the question still remains why the leaked teaser has got very poor quality? Many have doubted if the makers have done this intentionally to keep further hype? There are many such questions already in the naysayers mind, but the producers clarified that they will not modify the trailer as the leaked one has poor quality and will have no impact on original trailer to be released.