Cryptic Message About KGF 2 Release DateThe other day, the producers of KGF 2 released a poster that reads a message ‘The monster will only arrive when the hall is filled with Gangsters!! His new arrival date will be announced soon. While the evident message is the movie postponement, they may have indirectly hinted about the film’s release date.

In case the movie is releasing any soon, the makers may have waited for a month and announced the new release date. The special announcement about the delay may be an indication that the release date may be quite far. That means they may have indirectly confirmed the Christmas release date that is in the rumor mills.

KGF Chapter 1 was also released for Christmas. So, it may be a sentiment of some sort. If we do not take the third wave into consideration, the backlogs in the other industries will take a while to finish. Only for Christmas, KGF 2 will be able to have a grand Pan-India release.

Director Prashant Neel already moved on to his next film, Salaar with Prabhas.