Alphonse_PuthrenIf there’s one thing that a section of filmmakers are getting good at, it would be crying on reviews. Not so long ago, Telugu director Sarath Mandava, who directed RamaRao On Duty did some trash talk on reviews, belittling the integrity of reviewers.

Now, sadly, the extremely talented Alphonse Puthren has started to cry foul on reviews. This is in the context of the poor reviews for his recent film, Gold.

“Kamal Haasan is the only person in India who can rate my film. He is the only person in India who knows more about filmmaking than me. If you are trolling me and my film, it might be good for but not for me. I’m not your slave. No one fails on purpose” Alphonse said.

This is nothing but unnecessary trash talk from Alphonse, the creative genius who made a humongous blockbuster, Premam. After the film’s release, positive reviews poured in from all corners and it was raging blockbuster in South. Alphonse was a happy man then.

But now that his latest film, Gold has turned out to be a disaster, he has started to come down on reviewers. What he really needs to be noting here is that reviews are just one’s take on his work. It’s not like Gold was thrashed by critics but was a box office blockbuster. It was rated poorly by everyone and was disaster at the box office.

The idea should be to make the best film one can, rather than calling out critics after making a scrappy film. This doesn’t help their cause one bit, and on top of it, draws flak.