Crowd-funded concept in TollywoodWith the start of the New Year, several new concepts and ideas are being set into motion and ‘Crowd-funding’ is a new idea being introduced in Tollywood. Every department in the film is taken care by only those who deserved and were talented enough to be in that job. In this regard, Sai Chakravarthi, who is known to have worked in a crowd funded Kannada film, is taking the initiative for th first ever crowd funded Telugu film project. On the Kannada film project Lucia, Sai was the assistant director and has now decided to apply the lessons learned from the same to a Tollywood project.

Coming back to Crow Funded concept, the way it works is makers would promise DVD, Blue Ray, Satellite and other rights before the movie hit sets and whoever invests their names will be shown on screen and become part of making the movie. The film in question is named ‘Idi Modalu’ will be the first to implement this idea. The makers of this movie offers different packages that include Rs 3,000, Rs 5,000 up to Rs 5 lakh and their goal is raise 50 Lakhs from movie buffs who can fund and also have the talent to be part of making their movie. We will have to see how Tollywood would adopt this new funding idea for making films.