Pellichoopulu, Pellichoopulu Public Talk, Pellichoopulu Movie Talk, Pellichoopulu Rating, Pellichoopulu First Day Talk, Pellichoopulu Movie Latest UpdatesThere are two films releasing tomorrow and one among them is coming with positive buzz. It is a small film called Pellichoopulu which is backed by Suresh Babu.

The makers of Pellichoopulu showing confidence on the product have been arranging shows for the film from a long time. Finally as run up to the release they even showed it to all the critics and the verdict has been unanimous, they all loved it. The real question now is will people too show similar love.

Remember the film Bhale Manchi Roju? The film had fabulous reviews but it ultimately failed to win the audience mandate. This is just an example, there are films like Uyyala Jumpala too which was loved by critics and audiences alike. It will be interesting to see which side Pellichoopulu will end up.