Kamal R Khan Legal Case Shivaay Producers Reliance Entertainments Kamal R Khan has rubbed the wrong side of the actor turned producer Ajay Devgan when he leaked the first scene of Ajay Devgan’s ‘Shivaay’ hours ahead of the release in India. No doubt, it’s an offence and he is going to pay for it anyway.

The self-proclaimed critic is further adding fuel to the wrong he has already done. The series of tweets he is posting comparing the Khans of Bollywood as stars and Ajay Devgan as just an actor and also adding instigating comments are going to flare up the situation further for sure.

It is learnt that the co-producers of ‘Shivaay’, Reliance Entertainments are going to take legal action on Kamal R Khan for the leakage of the movie before release. Nowadays piracy had become a big menace and this kind of leakage by a critic and attacking a film negatively with a pre-conceived ideology is not to be entertained. What say?