Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Run Time 135 Minutes - Director ShankarThe run-time issues after the release of a film are nothing new to us. Some movies with lengthy run-time had to cut short after the release going by the word of mouth of the audiences. But, director Shankar isn’t going to take that risk.

It is learnt that the ace director had taken every precaution and previsualized his final product and decided the run-time of the film to be 135 minutes for Rajinikanth‘s ‘2’0′. That’s really an ideal run-time which is crisp and can add to one of the positives of the superstar’s film.

Shankar had done a lot of homework to get this ideal and crisp run-time and could edit the film as per his previsualization. He is taking the help of experts regarding the special effects and robotics and that explains his planning for his movies.