Kiran TalasaliYoung producer Kiran K Talasila is one of those few lateral entrants into the film industry. He has shone in the banking industry in the US after completing his Engineering for two decades. With ‘Crazy Uncles’, Kiran is seeking to make a full-fledged start in Tollywood.

Entering the film industry itself was quite unexpected for Kiran. In August 2020, a series of projects were planned. Months later, all of them have been fructified. “By nature, I go with the flow. You got to enjoy whatever makes you happy. I enjoy listening to stories. By the time I took up my third movie, I had a fair idea of how the different crafts of filmmaking go about. I enjoy the creative conversations that I have with people,” Kiran says, giving us a glimpse into his thinking.

After co-producing ‘Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram’ in Telugu, he went on to do the Tamil film ‘Gorilla’, the Telugu-Tamil thriller ‘Seven’ and ‘Nanna Prakara’ (Kannada). Kiran had made good friends in Sandalwood and Kollywood in recent years, which is how he could produce these movies.

What about his current projects? “‘Godhari Kathalu’, ‘Goldman’ and ‘Naluguritho Narayana’ in Telugu are up for a release this year,” a source close to Kiran says.

Kiran is looking at making a mark up the north of the Vindhyas, too. His maiden Bollywood venture is ‘Ae Kaash Ke Hum’, starring Vivaan Shan (Naseeruddin Shah’s son). This one, too, is a 2021 release.

And, one of these days, he might as well scale up as an actor, too.

The happening film producer has had a successful stint in the digital space, where his YouTube company caters to different age-groups among Internet users.