Crazy Nandamuri Multistarrer Only in PhotoShop!Multistarrers with dream combinations come once in a while. Recently NTR and Ram Charan’s coming together for RRR was one such experience.

One such combination fans have always been waiting for is to see Nandamuri Balakrishna (in the NBK107 getup) and NTR in a movie together. But obviously, due to various reasons, this might always remain a dream for the N fans.

There is a photoshopped image that is making rounds on social media where NBK and NTR can be seen together. In the pic, it looks like two ‘Simhams’ are walking together to hunt for the villains. Fans are in love with this edited pic and are sharing it across various platforms and consoling their heart.

Let’s hope the Nandamuri Superstars come together soon for the sake of their fans.