Viral-VideoCheck this video out and be warned to be shocked to hell. “Is this where our people and the country are going?”, Is what most of the comments said down the video. Not sure who that lady is but what she did was not our country citizens get to see every day.

The name not known woman was wearing quite revealing clothes and was seen throwing the wrong attitude like a slut(is what they called the trolls on the internet). Having stopped the car with a Rajasthani number plate in the middle of the road, she was swearing at the riders who were honking horns amidst the traffic.

As if the swearing and the skin show was not enough, the lady walked around the car and yelled at the gazing men who were taking pictures and videos of the crazy woman. At a point, a guy was even taking a selfie video with her and one of such videos of her making nuisance on the road went viral online as a shocker. She gave all the vulgar show and drove her car away. A police complaint has to be filed against her is what the people are commenting on the video. Phew! What a night would that have been for those passers-by?