Crazy-and-Never-Done-Before-Script-Ready-for-Balayya---Prashanth-VarmaPrashanth Varma got special attention as a potential director from his first and only film released so far. ‘Awe!’ showed what he is capable of and he has got ‘Kalki‘ with Rajasekhar ready for release this weekend. Well, the trailer of the film looked impressive and ‘Kalki’ if goes right, will establish his name to a level as a director.

Speaking in a media interaction, Prashanth revealed his high interest in making a movie with Balakrishna and that he has an apt script ready for the hero. Quoting Balayya to be a hero who was a lot experimental with his films back then, Prashanth said he wants to show him a lot different than what he has been doing lately stuck to the same lines for a long time now.

As the director says, his script for Balayya is just not something that the hero has never done before but is also a new thing for Telugu cinema too. Well, Prashanth has a big dream for the hero and many of us actually want to see a different Balayya now. Let’s see if this dream reaches the hero and hope it comes on the screen in the coming future.