There are only few movies which really can give the audience the feel and make them travel alongwith the story. Some movies may not have had commercially profitable run at the box-office, but when they are aired on television, they weave magic on the family audience. As an actor, Prakash Raj has a very respectable position in South Film Industry. His directorial venture ‘Ulavacharu Biryani’, couldn’t fare as expected collections wise.

On 6th September at 6 p.m., when the audience sat before their television sets to watch the movie on TV, little did they know that at the outset the movie is going to literally make them crave for delicacies and to overcome the temptations would be a herculean task. The first song of the film picturised showing different kind of delicacies, street smart food, traditional flavours left the audience licking their tongues and run to get or make something to quench the irresistable temptations. Wow Prakash Raj! It is quite an experience, but very tasty experience!