Cracks in Baadshah Team
The Trio of Srinu Vaitla, Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan had become the synonym of success for several years now. They have just delivered a super hit in the form of Dookudu and are again teaming up for Baadshah. But now we hear that ‘Aal iz not well’ between those three. Kona Venkat is reportedly being singled out from the unit. If the reports are to be believed Vaitla instructed publicity designers of Baadshah not to include Kona’s name on the publicity posters. Kona declared his anger for missing his name on the posters, in a quick time he blamed designers for this development and assured that from now on all the posters will have his name. Later on, the Tweets made by Kona, Gopi Mohan and Roopa Vaitla on Twitter certainly indicated some is not well between them.

These rumours are further fired up when Kona Venkat missed the Hexa Platinum disk function of Baadshah on Sunday even when he is in Hyderabad. Lets see if this rift affects Baadshah in any ways.