COVID-Crisis-Exposes-The-Flaws-in-Tollywood-FundamentalsTelugu Film Industry for that matter any industry in the country is facing turbulent times due to the Corona Crisis. There is no light at the end of the tunnel as filmmakers are could not even dare to resume their shootings forget about re-opening of the theaters.

Even after the vaccine or herd immunity, Experts say that the World should brace a period of Economic Slowdown for at least a year. This will mean the filmmakers have to cut down their production costs of the ongoing and future projects. This very concept has exposed the flaw in the fundamentals of Tollywood.

Remunerations of the Lead Heroes, Director and in some cases that of heroines form the major chunk of the film costs. We give supreme status to the heroes followed by the directors and Producers have become dummies before them waiting for their dates with folded hands.

It is not easy to convince them to go for pay cuts and reduction in the production costs will mean peanuts. As the shootings are not resuming, there is no discussion about what to do about the production costs but the filmmakers should get there sooner or later. This will lead to huge problems in the next year or so.

We may see several producers unable to handle this situation – They either lose money or pause productions for a while which will be a huge impact on the industry. So, this is an opportunity for the industry to iron out the flaws and become more professional. But can the filmmakers stand up to it?