Covaxin Separates Hero From Wife!Hero Sumanth Ashwin got married in February this year. His wife Deepika works as a Research Scientist at a University in Chicago. She has to report to work immediately after the Marriage. Sumanth Ashwin was supposed to fly there to meet his wife but COVID-19 played the spoilsport.

He could not meet his wife due to the restrictions on Indian travelers to the United States. Meanwhile, the US Government has announced allowing fully vaccinated Indian travelers from November. But then, Covaxin is not in the list of USFDA or WHO approved vaccines.

Sumanth Ashwin has got Covaxin and is in a dilemma about how to reach his wife even after the travel ban is lifted. This is not the dilemma of just the actor but also of many who took Covaxin but are separated from their dear ones. Meanwhile, WHO has halted the approval of Covaxin citing the need of more information.

On the other hand, Sumanth Ashwin is waiting for the release of his next, Idhe Maa Katha – a road trip film on October 2nd. The actor who is without a proper hit in his career so far has pinned high hopes on this movie to do the trick for him.