Comedian-PrudhviAlimonies are always a tricky proposition to those involved with the film industry. We often hear interesting developments on the same. Here’s one such instance involving 30 years Prudhvi Raj.

Prudhvi got married to Sree Lakshmi back in 1984 and has a daughter and son. As stated by Lakshmi in the court, Prudhvi kicked her out of the house in 2016 and she has been living with her parents house ever since.

In the divorce settlement case, Lakshmi stated that Prudhvi earns around Rs 30 lakh per month through films and TV serials. She asked for alimony from him.

Following the investigation, Vijayawada Family Court ordered Prudhvi to pay Rs 8 lakh per month in alimony to Sree Lakshmi. A related order was passed He will have to pay the alimony by the 10th of each month.

Prudhvi’s political career has been taking interesting turns after his switch from YSRCP to JanaSena. Now, there’s an interesting development in his personal life, netizens comment.