Allu Arjun Rapido AdA few days ago, we have seen TSRTC MD VC Sajjanar sending legal notices to Allu Arjun and Rapido, the bike booking app for an advertisement showing the Public Transport bus services in poor light. We do not know how they responded to the notices but the issue has landed up in court.

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Nampally court has heard the case and has directed Rapido and Google’s YouTube to take down the commercial Ad defaming TSRTC. This is a victory for the corporation. This is the first time a commercial ad featuring Allu Arjun has become controversial.

RTC claims that the public service has been in the service of the common man for decades, reaching places where no other modes of transport are available for the poor. And so, promoting their product by portraying the competitor’s product as not good was not ‘good business ethics’.

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The court has agreed with that argument and gave the orders to take down the advertisement.