Komban-court-caseWhen the film is due for 2nd April release, Kollywood actor Karthi’s film ‘Komban’ is still facing the mire of controversies for the title. An MLA by name Krishna Swamy has filed a complaint on the film that the title of Karthi’s starrer is going to lead to caste wars in Southern Tamil Nadu.

But the entire Kollywood came to support Karthi’s film saying that MLA Krishna Swamy did the same to Kamal Haasan’s movie ‘Sandiyar’ and Kamal had to change it to ‘Virumandi’. But later when there was a film titled ‘Sandiyar’, the MLA let it pass. The industry alleges that he has vested political interests in trying to gain from controversies on films.

The makers say that ‘Komban’ is a film which talks about a beautiful relationship between a father-in-law and his son-in-law and there are no elements which actually mention any caste in the film or which may incite sentiments of one particular community. A Madurai court has ordered a special screening of the film today.