Court Gives A Big Shock To Samantha's FilmSamantha‘s Yashoda had a decent opening weekend at the box office. The film has now almost ended its theatrical run and is headed for its OTT premieres.

But there’s a big shocker here for Yashoda from Hyderabad City Civil Court. The court has ordered to postpone the OTT release of Yashoda and here’s why.

EVA IVF Hospital has filed a court complaint against Yashoda, saying the film projects EVA Hospital in bad light and this affects their public image. The Hospital management claimed that the film is tarnishing their reputation.

The court investigated the petition and ruled in favor of the hospital. The court ordered the postponement of Yashoda’s OTT release. The film cant be made available for streaming on OTT at least till 19th December. The same order was passed a little while ago.

The court has also passed notices to the makers of Yashoda over the hospital defamation issue and their response is awaited.