salman khan attended jodhpur courtWhen the court asked the superstar his caste, he was literally confused and went into thinking mode for a few seconds because his father popular Bollywood writer Salim Khan is a Muslim and his mother is a Hindu. Salman Khan finally answered that he is both a Hindu and a Muslim.

Salman Khan came to the Jodhpur court to record his statement in ‘Arms Act’ case. He was alleged to have hunted the endangered species Krishna Deer alongwith his co-star Saif Ali Khan during the shooting of his film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ in 1998.

As a part of the court’s routine procedure, Salman Khan was required to answer a few questions related to his father, caste and profession. He first said he was an Indian and later settled on Hindu-Muslim. Interestingly, his foster mother Helen who lives with Salman’s family is a Christian.

Coming to the case, as Salman was required to appear in person, he came to Jodhpur and recorded his statement while thousands of his fans waited outside the court. Salman appealed to the judge that he was innocent and suggested the plot of forest officials behind framing him in the case.