Aamir Khan Learns The Lesson, Time For Chiru Too!On Tuesday, the Telangana High Court barred Megastar Chiranjeevi from any construction activity on a piece of land in Jubilee Hills Housing Society. The court passed an interim order and directed the status quo on the land.

The court heard a petition filed by Srikant Babu and others alleging that the 595 sq-yard land meant for public purposes was sold by Jubilee Hills Society to Chiranjeevi.

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The petitioner argued since the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation did not take control of the disputed land, the Jubilee Hills society sold the land to Chiranjeevi, violating the rules. The court also ordered Chiranjeevi to stop the construction activity that was already started on the land.

After hearing the arguments, the High court directed Jubilee Hills Housing Society and the GHMC to file counter affidavits. The next hearing was adjourned to April 25.

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