Suriya’s Anjaan may have opened to mixed reviews but the film is being talked about for Samantha’s bold portrayal of her skin in a bikini. Although she features in a bikini just a for a few seconds in a song, audiences have gone berserk over it. But the sad news is that audiences may not get to see Samantha in a bikini again.

But now that Sam has appeared in a bikini, producers will queue up at her doorstep requesting her to do it again. Will Sam agree to feature in a bikini if she’s paid a bomb. Apparently, she was paid a whopping amount for Anjaan, and if someone can pay her more than that, will we see her again in a bikini. So how much would it cost? A crore or a few crores? Let’s wait to find out if Sam will get stereotyped in these roles.

Some also say that since Samantha has been almost written in Tamil industry, she went the extra mile to get herself noticed. She did that by following in the footsteps of Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone.