Gone are the days movie enthusiasts used to treat even a light boy working in a movie  with high regard  to get the ‘inside talks’ of their favourite hero’s movie. Times have changed considerably with the advent of innumerable movie websites sprouting every day giving their own ‘talks’ as ‘Censor Reports’ and ‘Inside infos’. Obviously, 99% of these are cooked talks according to the interests of the website owners.

One such incident took place on Saturday. Few days ago, there came a news that Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh will be censored on 5th May. The news is true for that time but not on Saturday. The makers have not submitted the final copy to the Censor. The board had cancelled the censor slot and postponed it to Monday. Not knowing all these, few websites had published their censor reports and certified the movie ‘U/A’.

But the fact is the movie is going to be censored this evening. Such is the reliability of the censor reports circulating in the net!