Despite the various controversies associated with Kamal Haasan’s latest release Vishwaroopam, the movie is doing quite well on the Northern front. If anything, this whole debacle has increased people’s curiosity about the film and as a result has significantly hiked the film’s sales.

According to DT cinemas spokesperson Anant Verma, “The film has generated quite a lot of hype and the controversy seems to have turned out to be a positive publicity here. The occupancy rates were about 60 to 70 per cent today across DT Cinemas and we expect it to go up to 100 per cent over the weekend.” The PVR Pictures President Kamal Gianchandani also agrees with Verma and said in a similar statement that “The movie has done exceptionally well with occupancy of 80 per cent plus in south zone and 50 per cent in north zone respectively and we are expecting it to rise further in the coming weekend.”

In spite of the ban faced by the film in Tamil Nadu as well as some minor problems in the neighbouring states, the film has generally garnered a good response in both southern and northern regions.