By attending the wedding of Anjali’s aunt Bharati’s son a few days ago, Tamil director Kalanjiyan proved that he is close to Anjali’s family and the allegations made by Anjali on the director in all probability might be right. When Anjali was found missing for a few days conspisiously and later when surfaced, she alleged that director Kalanjiyan and her aunt had been harassing her. Even the director inturn made allegations on Anjali and caused a lot of anxiety for her.

When he attended the wedding in Ongole, it became clear that in fact the director had connections with Anjali’s family. However the director met with an accident while returning from the marriage and one of his friends travelling with him got killed on spot. Sustaining injuries, Kalanjiyam is presently in hospital and is now requesting Anjali to have mercy on him and return the advance he paid for her for his film which she left unfinished. He has written an open letter to the actress to give back his money on humanitarian grounds which he needs for treatment. Anjali hasn’t responded yet to the plea.