Controversial-Actress-Sri-Reddy-Vulgar-Talk-ContinuesBy now, audiences are literally fed up with Sri Reddy’s way of throwing light on a big issue like casting couch, mocking the interviewers, using totally indecent language and sometimes displaying vulgar body language.

In a recent interview to a Youtube channel, Sri Reddy spoke about dating a mega hero whose name she didn’t like to reveal. She asked if she is only a sex doll to send her nude pictures and live nude videos to quench the sexual desires of those guys who are exploiting her.

Her talk turned weird and worst when she started talking about ‘Arjun Reddy’ director Sandeep Reddy, suggesting that she is ready for him. Adding to this disgusting talk, Sri Reddy narrated her version of Vijay Deverakonda’s role as a guy with ego issues and those uncivilized ways of expressing his sexual desires. She has lost her point, totally.