Considering Star Kid’s Future, Director Ends It All

Considering Star Kid's Future, Director Bala Ends It AllWhen things go wrong and disappointment steps in, the blame game certainly starts with mudslinging from opposite parties. The same is happening in the case of the Tamil remake ‘Varmaa’ of ‘Arjun Reddy‘. Director Bala will be the one who would be most affected by scrapping the movie and reshooting it with a new director.

He is already in a low phase of his career and what they have done is a huge blow on him. However, director Bala seems to be in no mood to take on the blame game and participate in the mudslinging game. He wants to end this all and released a press release on the same clarifying that it was he who chose to walk out of the movie when the production house wasn’t satisfied with the final output and he wasn’t okay with making any changes.

Bala wants to end all this considering Dhruv Vikram’s future. We know how he had a special place in shaping up Vikram’s career with critically acclaimed movies. That was the reason why Vikram chose Bala for directing his son Dhruv’s debut movie. Director Bala also shared a document, an agreement between the producer and him that he is in no way concerned with ‘Varmaa’ and he was the one who relieved himself from the project without even asking for the pending dues to be paid. At the end of the day, it’s Bala who is going to be the one who is victimized.

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