Rahul Gandhi almost steered the campaign of Congress party across the nation in the recently concluded elections. His mother Sonia Gandhi was taking the back seat due to health problems and ambitions to give her son the center stage. As usually Priyanka Gandhi was mostly confined to campaign in her mother’s and brother’s constituencies. And under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Congress ended up with their worst performance ever and not even getting the numbers required for the leader of opposition. But the Congress party continuously shielded Rahul Gandhi from all the blame calling the failure as collective responsibility.

Congress is currently in a leadership crisis and obviously the party is looking at the Gandhi family for rescue. But Sonia is not in the mood of exposing Rahul Gandhi to the tougher challenges. Despite being not in better health, she took the position of Chair Person, Congress Parliamentary Party. Even Rahul Gandhi will not be doing the wrestling in Parliament. It is said that neither Sonia nor Rahul are keen to take up the Leader of Opposition where they have no power to stop any bill.

With all these shielding, Congress is clearly sending a message to its cadre and the people of the country that Rahul Gandhi is too weak to handle the party or face the challenges. When the party wants to name him as Prime Minister candidate for the next term may be, there will be a question looming on his capabilities to lead the nation. Already many Congressmen are looking at Priyanka Gandhi to lead them. May be Congress itself is killing Rahul Gandhi’s career!