congress mp gutta sukhender reddy comments on tdp and bjpCongress party seem to be very eager in breaking the alliance of TDP and BJP ahead of the crucial GHMC elections. The relationship is already fragile due to the back to back defeats to the alliance since 2014.

Recent Warangal by-election debacle pushed it to the edge. Congress is keen on cashing the confusion in both the parties and is eager to break the alliance. MP Gutta Sukhvinder Reddy the every other day is making a statement about a possibility of TDP and Congress alliance.

Even this morning he announced that they are ready to given 40 wards to TDP as alliance. This seem to be a plot to distance TDP and BJP. So that the settlers votes are drifting towards Congress. The grand old party may be of the opinion, TDP and BJP can have significant effect on the settlers and educated voters.