Pawan-kalyan-confusionPawan Kalyan is often seen as confusing personality. He pushed fans in to confusion in the last couple of years with his political stance which is never clear which side he is leaning. Few days ago, in an interview, he confirmed that he will be quitting films after doing two-three films and will be contesting the 2019 elections.

But today once again in an interaction with Telugu media, he gave a completely contradicting view. Pawan Kalyan sounded like retirement from films is not going to happen but admitted that doing films is stressful to him. This once again confuses the fans regarding what can be his future course of action.

The actor floated Janasena Party before 2019 elections and did not contest the election. He instead supported TDP-BJP combine in the last elections. Janasena did not even conduct a single membership drive or have an organizational setup beyond Pawan Kalyan. It has to be seen how the party contest 2019 by starting work so near to the elections.