Confusion over Pawan Kalyan’s wifeThere third marriage news of Pawan Kalyan is all over the place and we don’t need to emphasize more on it as it’s a matter of personal choice. However there is one thing that needs to be clarified as its confusing the fans of the actor and many other people too. The media and certainly the fans seem to be confused with the name of the wife and the pictures attached to the name.

From the marriage certificate that has been displayed in public view, it’s clear that the name of the new wife is Anna Lezhneva. But the problem here is the image attached to show her is of someone else’s by media. The image shown in the Tv channels is that of a side actor in Teenmaar movie Dannah and she is a completely different person from the one Pawan Kalyan has reportedly married. In fact Dannah has married a year ago to her long time boyfriend when the news first broke out.

It is true that Anna Lezhneva is seen in the movie Teenmaar as reported but she is one among the many blink and miss girls you see in the movie and should not be confused with Dannah who had a decent footage and was even present at the audio launch. Hope we have cleared some confusion.