Confusion-on-Tamannaah's-Bikini-Show-ContinuesTamannaah’s bikini show confusion seems to be still continuing despite the fact that she clarified that the bikini girl in the hot song with Vishal in the actor’s recent release, Tamil movie ‘Action’ isn’t her but another actress who looks similar.

The actress in the bikini showing off a little bit more was Akanksha Puri who also was one of the actors in Vishal’s action. When the pics came out first, everyone confused her to be Tamannaah and wrote about the milky beauty’s bikini show after long.

Even though Tamannaah said that it wasn’t her even before the release of the film, the social media users are sharing those pics claiming that they were hers. Folks are not discussing the film much but these hot pics are getting more and more attention.

However, the credit has been going to Tamannaah while it must go to Akansha Puri. Being a lookalike may not be always advantageous.