Bollywood Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan is presently in crossroads whether to choose family or career. Though she remains one amongst the heroines who could still be in limelight after marriage, the poor performance of her recent releases at box-office has made her career graph go a little low. She has presently only one film on sets ‘Singham 2’, the official remake of Surya’s Tamil superhit film ‘Yamudu’.

At this juncture she has been offered the lead role by film maker Sujoy Ghosh of ‘Kahani’ fame. The same role was first offered to his favourite Vidya Balan and then to Kangana. Both refused quoting different reasons. And one knows what a Sujoy Ghosh film means. The female lead will get all the attention as it would be a woman-centric film. But according to the word making rounds, starting a family is on her mind right now. Kareena wants a baby of her own though she earlier claimed that she is not interested in having children soon. The dilema is whether to accept Sujoy’s film or not.

While this is the dilema of Kareena is still on, Vidya Balan is once again came back into the scene. She is eagrly awaiting Kareena’s refusal. Once Kareena says no, she would be more than appy to grab the role for herself. As per the birdies she is already sending feelers to good friend Sujoy Ghosh and expecting that he responds positively.