DSP and Cine Musicians UnionOne of the most important news in the Southern film industry is Chennai based music director Devi Sri Prasad, who scored the music for upcoming movie ‘1 Nenokkadine’ starring Mahesh Babu has offended the AP Cine Musicians Union by refusing to accept its membership. So much so that the angry secretary of the A P Cine Musicians Union has requested it’s federation of film employees not to cooperate with any of the music directors based in Chennai. The Union is also considering taking action against Devi Sri.

Along with Devi Sri, there are several other music directors, including Koti, Thaman and Keeravani, who are on the Union’s “hit list” because of their uncertainty in taking the membership of the AP Cine Musicians Union. Members of the Union have also decided to raise this issue and ask for some action against them at the next meeting of the general body of the AP Film Industry Employees Federation.

Secretary of A P Cine Musicians Union, Hemanth Kumar said after taking the membership they can get the musicians from Chennai if required but the recordings will have to be done in Hyderabad. It is learnt that this membership costs Rs. 25,000, few of our top music directors charge between Rs 40-50 lakh remuneration per film they score music.