Wherever Nayantara goes, rumours knock her door without fail. By default, the actress is prone to be entangled in gossips. This time the rumours aren’t about her ex-lovers but her relationship with her co-star Udayanidhi Stalin. Recently the actor was admitted into hospital after he suffered injuries of clawing on his face. Rumours spread like fire that when Stalin proposed, raged Nayan slapped him accidentally clawing him while doing so.

But the fact is, while the duo were shooting for an upcoming Tamil movie, they had to roll over on ground and finally Nayan gets up to slap the villain. By mistake when Nayan got up after rolling, accidentally she slapped Stalin so hard that she injured his eye, even clawing his face in the process. But the gossip mongers added spice to the whole anecdote and thus one more rumour into her account. If by mistake Nayan’s slap could claw someone’s face to an extent to be admitted to hospital, then one can imagine how grave would be situation if Nayan really decides to slap somebody for real. Oh My God!