Complaint To Income Tax Dept On RRR CollectionThe makers of RRR had recently unveiled a new poster with the Rs 1000 crores gross worldwide imprinted on it. This has led to an interesting reaction from a Bollywood film journalist now.

“Dear Income Tax Dept. and Enforcement Directorate, this is official poster released by @ssrajamouli about business of his film #RRR. So pls check if he has paid GST? If he says that this poster is only for publicity then file a case of 420 against him. Nobody should be allowed to fool poor public.” a menacing Bollywood journalist tweeted.

This tweet has in turn drawn a series of interesting reactions on social media. “RRR is one of Indian cinema’s best works. Maybe, you Bollywood people are unable to digest RRR’s success.” a netizen commented.

“You (the journalist) might be jobless, but do you think the IT department and ED are jobless? Do you think they would go after producers over a collections poster? Moreover, going by your logic, why should the director pay the GST for a film’s collections. This sums up your intellect. Go get a life,” another person, presumably a RRR fan commented on Twitter.